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selected clips (the proverbial greatest hits album, if you will)
The Best Version of Itself: Nora Ephron’s New York in When Harry Met Sally | Bright Wall/Dark Room | December 2020
there is a girl in new york city who calls herself the human trampoline | bed crumbs | July 2020
We’re Playing Space Explorers: On Judy Berlin and Madeline Kahn | Bright Wall/Dark Room | June 2020
I’m Like History Passing By: An Interview With Lee Grant | Bright Wall/Dark Room | December 2019
Decades Later, the World Is Catching Up to Elaine May | Glamour Magazine | November 2019
Kim Gordon’s Ready to See You Now | Garage Magazine | October 2019
Jessica Lange’s Highway 61 Explores America the Beautiful, Lonely, and Fading | Flood Magazine | October 2019
Director Alma Har’el on the Therapeutic Nature of Honey Boy | Flood Magazine | October 2019
Elaine May Made Movies About Men, But Difficult Female Protagonists Dominate Her Stage | Bright Wall/Dark Room | September 2019
How The Elusive ‘Buckingham Nicks’ Established Stevie Nicks’ Songwriting Voice | NPR Music | January 2018
40 Years Later, Talking Heads’ Most Valuable Member Tina Weymouth Is Still Its Most Under-Recognized | Paper Magazine | September 2017

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selected newsletter essays
it’s always winter in reds | march 2021
nice things | december 2020
thoughts you have on big walks through manhattan while listening to the new phoebe bridgers album and wanting to cry | june 2020
thoughts you have on trains in and around new york about the impending (gradual or sudden) end of the world | September 2019 
jenny lewis, patron saint of sad girls, is trying to be happy — or something like it | June 2019

select audio & video work
host and writer, Consequence of Sound’s The Opus podcast, Season 3: Jeff Buckley’s Grace | episode 1 | episode 2episode 3 | 2019
co-host, co-writer, producer, and editor, ’77 Music Club | all episodes here | 2017 – 2019

videos & short docs
producer, Over/Under series (ft. Julien Baker, Perfume Genius, and Black Pumas, among others) | Pitchfork | 2020 –
producer, The Making of the 2021 Hollywood Issue Portfolio (cover video) | Vanity Fair | February 2021
producer, What Follows Hope: Barack Obama in conversation with Jesmyn Ward (cover video) | Vanity Fair | November 2020
producer, I’ve Been Told: A PSA on Hair Discrimination ft. Gabrielle Union, Keke Palmer, & More | Glamour | August 2020
producer, Was It Our Hair? Or Was It You? (cover video) | Glamour | August 2020
director and producer, I Started a Rock Band at 47 Years Old | Iris (Condé Nast) | May 2018
director and producer, What Opioid Addicts Want You To Know About Addiction | Iris | December 2018
director and producer, What Opioid Addicts Want You To Know About Recovery | Iris | December 2018
co-director and producer, Best Friends Get Honest About Gender Identity | Iris | July 2018
producer, What Porn Stars Want You To Know (seven part series) | Iris | May 2018

profiles & interviews
An Interview With Emma Swift | bed crumbs | August 2020
Margo Price Can’t Be Boxed In | Vinyl Me Please | July 2020
Director Hirokazu Kore-eda on Border-Crossing with The Truth | Flood Magazine | July 2020
Why We Can’t Get Enough of Hoaxes and Cons | Vanity Fair | November 2019
How Schitt’s Creek turned Catherine O’Hara into a couture queen | Garage Magazine | April 2019
Stephen Malkmus Learns New Tricks on Groove Denied | Flood Magazine | March 2019
CHAI Wants to Know What Words Are Worth | Flood Magazine | December 2018 (Fall 2018 print issue)
Snail Mail Grows Up | Flood Magazine | June 2018
Nashville-Based Singer-Songwriter Tristen Talks New Album Sneaker Waves | Guitar World | April 2018 (June 2018 print issue)
Austin Blues Guitarist Jackie Venson Wins Over Audiences, One Note at a Time
| Guitar World | January 2018 (March 2018 print issue)
Jen Kirkman Talks Comedy and Growing Into Yourself | Inspirer | September 2016
Lea DeLaria Talks ‘Orange is the New Black’ and Diversity in TV | Inspirer | June 2016
It’s Hard to Say, but Stevie Nicks Might Just be the Original Selfie Queen | Bustle | October 2014
The Keenan-Bolger siblings are Broadway’s brother-sister act | New York Daily News | May 2012

film, television, and pop culture criticism
The Best Actress in the World: Jane Fonda, Klute, and the Nature of Performance | May 2021
The Best Films of 2020 (blurb for #6 — Shirley) | Flood Magazine | December 2020
The Best TV of 2020 (blurb for #10 — High Fidelity) | Flood Magazine | December 2020
Burn It Down: Rewatching Enlightened as Corporate America Melts Down | Bright Wall/Dark Room | October 2020
“Do I Look Like I Don’t Belong Here?” Working Girl and the Secrets of Class Politics | Bright Wall/Dark Room | May 2020
Trash, Art, and Book Club: A Toast to Our Aging Icons | Bright Wall/Dark Room | February 2020
We Asked Chelsea Handler to Teach an Imaginary Spin Class, and She Did Not Disappoint | Allure Magazine | September 2019
A Deep Dive into the Mysteries, Joys, and Chicken Fingers of Reba McEntire’s Instagram Account | Paper Magazine | August 2017

music criticism
The Best Albums of 2020 (blurbs for #21 — It Is What It Is by Thundercat — and #15 — Alfredo by Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist) | Flood Magazine | December 2020
The Best Songs of 2020 (blurb for #4 — “Shameika” by Fiona Apple) | Flood Magazine | December 2020
The Best Songs of 2019 (blurb for #7 — “Heads Gonna Roll” by Jenny Lewis) | Flood Magazine | December 2019
The Best Albums of 2019 (blurbs for #14 — Better Oblivion Community Center s/t — and #5 — Norman Fucking Rockwell by Lana Del Rey) | Flood Magazine | December 2019
Liz Phair: The Poptimist | Go All The Way: A Literary Appreciation of Power Pop (ed. Paul Myers and SW Lauden, Rare Bird Books) | November 2019
and i would ask for you to consider the fact that your icons were not always icons (video; on Buckingham Nicks)transcript | Words & Guitars reading series | April 2019
Jenny Lewis’s On The Line is a dogged fight to move forward | bed crumbs | March 2019
In times of chaos, Maggie Rogers serves a much-needed catharsis | bed crumbs | January 2019
The Best Albums of 2018 (blurbs for #11, #6, #5, and #3) | Flood Magazine | December 2018
A Brief History of Women-Led Supergroups | Pitchfork | October 2018
At Twenty-Five, Bikini Kill’s Pussy Whipped Reminds Us We Still Have a Right to be Hostile | Flood Magazine | October 2018
Kim Gordon and the power of female rage | bed crumbs | July 2018
Buckingham Nicks, 44 years later (excerpt from 33 1/3 book proposal) | bed crumbs | September 2017
what it sounds like when things fall apart (Buckingham McVie single review) | bed crumbs | April 2017
Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, and More Bring Refugee Benefit to New York | Inspirer | October 2016

music press content
look i don’t know what to call this but i’m great at writing bios and press releases from a music journalist’s perspective, so when, in the age of modern online journalism, the news blurb about your work is basically just the presser copy and pasted, it will actually have some style
Tristen – Aquatic Flowers (2021)
Vanessa Carlton – Love is an Art (2020) (1, 2)
Tristen – “A Case of You” (2019)
Tristen – “Dream Within a Dream” (2019)
Lulu Lewis (2018)

cultural criticism & op-ed
White privilege protects Taylor Swift’s Instagram account while racist slurs force Leslie Jones to quit Twitter | Quartz | July 2016
Taylor Swift’s fight against Big Music doesn’t make her a champion of the creative class | Quartz | August 2015
High school censorship: administrators should get real | The Patriot-News | April 2009

fashion, arts, & lifestyle
House of Jai offers yoga classes for senior citizens | New York Daily News | June 2012
New York-based designer crafts jewelry out of scrap bomb metal | New York Daily News | May 2012
Where Was Hillary Clinton in Her 20s? Where 9 Famous Women Were at 23 | Bustle | September 2014

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