selected clips (the proverbial greatest hits album, if you will)
We’re Playing Space Explorers: On Judy Berlin and Madeline Kahn | Bright Wall/Dark Room | June 2020
“Do I Look Like I Don’t Belong Here?” Working Girl and the Secrets of Class Politics | Bright Wall/Dark Room | May 2020
I’m Like History Passing By: An Interview With Lee Grant | Bright Wall/Dark Room | December 2019
Decades Later, the World Is Catching Up to Elaine May | Glamour Magazine | November 2019
Kim Gordon’s Ready to See You Now | Garage Magazine | October 2019
Jessica Lange’s Highway 61 Explores America the Beautiful, Lonely, and Fading | Flood Magazine | October 2019
Elaine May Made Movies About Men, But Difficult Female Protagonists Dominate Her Stage | Bright Wall/Dark Room | September 2019
Jenny Lewis’s On The Line is a dogged fight to move forward | bed crumbs | March 2019
How The Elusive ‘Buckingham Nicks’ Established Stevie Nicks’ Songwriting Voice | NPR Music | January 2018

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selected newsletter essays
there is a girl in new york city who calls herself the human trampoline | july 2020
thoughts you have on big walks through manhattan while listening to the new phoebe bridgers album and wanting to cry | june 2020
thoughts you have on trains in and around new york about the impending (gradual or sudden) end of the world | September 2019 
jenny lewis, patron saint of sad girls, is trying to be happy — or something like it | June 2019
i think about this a lot: stevie nicks’s backstage version of “wild heart” | May 2019
emmylou harris could run over me with a car and honestly it would be fine | April 2019
i find that part on the velvet underground’s live at max’s album where jim carroll asks for tuinal kind of charming because does anyone even still do barbiturates | April 2019
all of us and none of us are the young dudes | April 2019

select audio & video work
host and writer of Consequence of Sound’s The Opus podcast, season three

episode 1 | Grace: Post-Gender, Post-Genre: The Voice of Jeff Buckley | August 2019
episode 2 | Grace: Buckley and Grace After Death | August 2019
episode 3 | Grace: Keeping Jeff Buckley’s Legacy Alive | August 2019

listen to all episodes of ’77 Music Club (co-host/co-writer/producer) here

videos & short docs
I’ve Been Told: A PSA on Hair Discrimination ft. Gabrielle Union, Keke Palmer, & More | (producer) | Glamour | August 2020
Was It Our Hair? Or Was It You? (producer) | Glamour | August 2020
I Started a Rock Band at 47 Years Old (director and producer) | Iris (Condé Nast) | May 2018
What Opioid Addicts Want You To Know About Addiction (director and producer) | Iris | December 2018
What Opioid Addicts Want You To Know About Recovery (director and producer) | Iris | December 2018
Best Friends Get Honest About Gender Identity (co-director and producer) | Iris | July 2018
What Porn Stars Want You To Know (seven part series; producer and co-story editor) Iris | May 2018

selected press & media appearances
The Film Stage podcast | discussing Elaine May and Mikey and Nicky (1976) | September 2020
Ruined Childhoods podcast | discussing Elaine May and Ishtar (1987) | April 2020
Just Another Menace Sunday | discussing Liz Phair and my essay about her in Go All The Way: A Literary Appreciation of Power Pop | November 2019
Chris Frantz the Talking Head Show (WPKN) | guest session on Frantz’s monthly radio show, discussing new and notable tracks, ’77 Music Club, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | March 2019
Quiet Lunch | interviewed about ’77 Music Club | May 2018
The Financial Times | ’77 Music Club featured in piece about women in music podcasts | May 2018
BBC Radio 5 | discussing Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham’s departure | April 2018
Chris Frantz the Talking Head Radio Show (WPKN) | guest session on Frantz’s monthly radio show, playing and discussing tracks covered on ’77 Music Club | January 2018
Radio New Zealand | discussing Tina Weymouth, Talking Heads, and misogyny in music criticism | October 2017

profiles & interviews
An Interview With Emma Swift | bed crumbs | August 2020
Margo Price Can’t Be Boxed In | Vinyl Me Please | July 2020
Director Hirokazu Kore-eda on Border-Crossing with The Truth | Flood Magazine | July 2020
Why We Can’t Get Enough of Hoaxes and Cons | Vanity Fair | November 2019
Director Alma Har’el on the Therapeutic Nature of Honey Boy | Flood Magazine | October 2019
How Schitt’s Creek turned Catherine O’Hara into a couture queen | Garage Magazine | April 2019
Stephen Malkmus Learns New Tricks on Groove Denied | Flood Magazine | March 2019
CHAI Wants to Know What Words Are Worth | Flood Magazine | December 2018 (Fall 2018 print issue)
Snail Mail Grows Up | Flood Magazine | June 2018
Nashville-Based Singer-Songwriter Tristen Talks New Album Sneaker Waves | Guitar World | April 2018 (June 2018 print issue)
Austin Blues Guitarist Jackie Venson Knows What It’s Like to Win Over Audiences, One Note at a Time
| Guitar World | January 2018 (March 2018 print issue)
40 Years Later, Talking Heads’ Most Valuable Member Tina Weymouth Is Still Its Most Under-Recognized | Paper Magazine | September 2017
Heart Wants to be Remembered for Love | Inspirer | September 2016 (joint piece)
Jen Kirkman Talks Comedy and Growing Into Yourself | Inspirer | September 2016
Pat Benatar: “I’m Proud, So Secure, and Even a Little Arrogant When It Comes to Being a Woman” | Inspirer | September 2016
Eva Longoria on Her New Clothing Line, Personal Style, and Ambitions | Inspirer | August 2016
Lea DeLaria Talks ‘Orange is the New Black’ and Diversity in TV | Inspirer | June 2016
Shelly Colvin on Finding Inspiration | Inspirer | June 2016
Jamie-Lynn Sigler on Her Secret Battle With MS: “Asking for help is noble” | Inspirer | June 2016
Greta Morgan on The Hush Sound Reunion and Predictive Songwriting | Inspirer | May 2016

music criticism
The Best Songs of 2019 (blurb for #7 — “Heads Gonna Roll” by Jenny Lewis) | Flood Magazine | December 2019
The Best Albums of 2019 (blurbs for #14 — Better Oblivion Community Center — and #5 — Norman Fucking Rockwell) | Flood Magazine | December 2019
Liz Phair, the Poptimist | essay in the book Go All The Way: A Literary Appreciation of Power Pop | November 2019
and i would ask for you to consider the fact that your icons were not always icons (video; on Buckingham Nicks)transcript | Words & Guitars reading series | April 2019
In times of chaos, Maggie Rogers serves a much-needed catharsis | bed crumbs | January 2019
The Best Albums of 2018 (blurbs for #11, #6, #5, and #3) | Flood Magazine | December 2018
A Brief History of Women-Led Supergroups | Pitchfork | October 2018
At Twenty-Five, Bikini Kill’s Pussy Whipped Reminds Us We Still Have a Right to be Hostile | Flood Magazine | October 2018
Kim Gordon and the power of female rage | bed crumbs | July 2018
Buckingham Nicks, 44 years later (excerpt from 33 1/3 book proposal) | bed crumbs | September 2017
What it sounds like when things fall apart (Buckingham McVie single review) | bed crumbs | April 2017
Carly Simon Brings Passionate Memoir to Life at New York Discussion | Inspirer | November 2016
Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, and More Bring Refugee Benefit to New York | Inspirer | October 2016

pop culture criticism
Burn It Down: Rewatching Enlightened as Corporate America Melts Down | Bright Wall/Dark Room | October 2020
Trash, Art, and Book Club: A Toast to Our Aging Icons | Bright Wall/Dark Room | February 2020
We Asked Chelsea Handler to Teach an Imaginary Spin Class, and She Did Not Disappoint | Allure Magazine | September 2019
A Deep Dive into the Mysteries, Joys, and Chicken Fingers of Reba McEntire’s Instagram Account | Paper Magazine | August 2017
For Carrie Fisher, who drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra | bed crumbs | January 2017
Carrie Fisher is More Than Princess Leia | Inspirer | December 2016
A Night with a Thousand Stevies | Inspirer | May 2016
On Nora Ephron | Inspirer | March 2016
Happy Birthday, Stevie Nicks! 8 Reasons Why She Should Be Your Rock & Roll Heroine | Bustle | May 2015
It’s Hard to Say, but Stevie Nicks Might Just be the Original Selfie Queen | Bustle | October 2014
The Keenan-Bolger siblings are Broadway’s brother-sister act | New York Daily News | May 2012
Tina Fey captivates Union Square with her ‘Bossypants’ Attitude | Washington Square News | April 2011

cultural criticism & op-ed
White privilege protects Taylor Swift’s Instagram account while racist slurs force Leslie Jones to quit Twitter | Quartz | July 2016 
The Aging Rock Cliché is a Myth | bed crumbs | January 2016
Stop Body-Shaming Carrie Fisher | bed crumbs | December 2015
Taylor Swift’s fight against Big Music doesn’t make her a champion of the creative class | Quartz | August 2015
High school censorship: administrators should get real | The Patriot-News | April 2009

personal essay
Let Me Listen to 15 Hours of Sad Songs In Peace | Power of the Playlist | November 2018
Love goes to buildings that are now luxury condos | bed crumbs | March 2017
Happy Birthday, Stevie Nicks: Our Rock and Roll Fairy Godmother | bed crumbs | May 2015

fashion, arts, & lifestyle
House of Jai offers yoga classes for senior citizens | New York Daily News | June 2012
New York-based designer crafts jewelry out of scrap bomb metal | New York Daily News | May 2012
Frieze Art Fair brings 182 galleries from 30 countries to Randalls Island | New York Daily News | May 2012
Where 13 Famous Women Were at 24, The Year When The Quarter-Life Crisis is Imminent | Bustle | December 2014
Where 13 Inspiring Women Were at 21, The Year When You’re Finally Entitled To a Drink — and Not Much Else
| Bustle | November 2014
Where 13 Famous Women Were At 20, The Awkward First Year of One Crazy Decade | Bustle | November 2014
Where Was Hillary Clinton in Her 20s? Where 9 Famous Women Were at 23 | Bustle | September 2014
Milly: Spring/Summer 2013 Review | Washington Square News | September 2012
Reem Acra: Spring/Summer 2013 Review | Washington Square News | September 2012
Honor: Spring/Summer 2013 Review | Washington Square News | September 2012
FRINGE Fall 2011 Special Fashion Issue | Washington Square News | November 2011
Rachel Zoe: Spring/Summer 2012 Review | Washington Square News | September 2011

news, etc.
Students turn to web for communication post-Sandy | Washington Square News | November 2012
Students take cover as result of storm | Washington Square News | October 2012
Hindenburg disaster, 75 years later, still a horror for humanity | New York Daily News | May 2012
The “Don’t Tase Me Bro!” guy says Tasers for NYC Transit workers a bad idea | New York Daily News | April 2012
Pennsylvania’s need to go green | The Patriot-News | January 2008

music reviews
(these pieces were originally published on producer Richard Dashut’s now-defunct site but i lowkey like them so here they are just because)
The Districts – A Flourish and a Spoil | February 2015
Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways | February 2015
Haim – Days Are Gone | January 2015
Fleetwood Mac at Madison Square Garden | January 2015
Jenny Lewis – The Voyager | December 2014

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