carrie courogen headshot_optimizedCarrie Courogen (hi) has been a New York-based writer and editor for more than a decade. She currently works at Condé Nast, where she serves as the associate director of creative development, digital video, for Pitchfork, Vanity Fair, and Tatler. She is an associate editor at Bright Wall/Dark Room and writes a (sporadic) newsletter called bed crumbs. Oh, and she is currently writing a biography of Elaine May for St. Martin’s Press. She thinks having to write about herself in the third person like this is demented, but is being brave and doing it anyway.

Her writing often focuses on the intersection of class, feminism and pop culture, as well as the nature of performance versus truth—if you’re into buzzwords, that is, otherwise she mostly feels like this screengrab of Diane Keaton in Reds—and has been featured in print and online all over the place, from PAPER Magazine to Pitchfork, NPR, Vanity Fair, Vice, and many more. The full outlet list, at this point, is too chaotic to type in a braggy but nonetheless brief graf like this, so you can view a full archive of her writing samples here.

A few fun facts about Carrie while you’re here:

That’s the most you will ever know about her, but you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram if you so desire.

She’s rep’d by Nicki Richesin at Dunow, Carlson & Lerner, if you have any actual work-related questions. 

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