sometimes i know what’s going on so much that people write about it or ask me to talk about it!


Elaine May short documentary | Academy Awards 2022, dir. Marina Zenovich | appeared in tribute to Elaine May at the 2022 Governors Awards ceremony, link tk

print interviews & mentions

The New Yorker | Four Rarities from the TCM Festival | May 2021 | Richard Brody is apparently “impatient to read” my forthcoming biography of Elaine May. (if ur my agent or my editor do not read the following joke) Looks like I gotta get a move on writing it!
The Financial Times | ’77 Music Club featured in piece about women in the music podcast space | May 2018
Quiet Lunch | interviewed about ’77 Music Club | May 2018

podcast guest appearances

Podcast Like It’s 1999 | discussing Ally McBeal | August 2022
Danpilled by Fluxblog | talking Steely Dan, Aimee Mann, and more | July 2022
Podcast Like It’s 2009 | yammering on about Up In The Air | April 2022
The Bright Wall/Dark Room Podcast | discussing Crossing Delancey, the great Joan Micklin Silver, and, of course, Peter Riegert Pickle Man | November 2021
The Sound of Success with Nic Harcourt | discussing my sick love of incredibly sad music and more | October 2021
Podcast Like It’s 1999 | discussing The West Wing S1E19 (“Let Bartlet Be Bartlet”!) | September 2021
Podcast Like It’s 1989 | discussing The War of the Roses | June 2021
Exiting Through the 2010s | discussing Mistress America, Greta Gerwig, and screwball comedy | April 2021
Podcast Like It’s 1999 | discussing Sex and the City S2E15 (“Shortcomings”) | March 2021
Eye of the Duck | discussing Elaine May and Ishtar (1987) | March 2021
The Film Stage | discussing Elaine May and Mikey and Nicky (1976) | September 2020
Ruined Childhoods | discussing Elaine May and the reclamation of Ishtar (1987) | April 2020

live q&as + radio

London Screenwriters’ Festival | live discussion on Elaine May’s work as a script doctor
Cinema St. Louis | live discussion of Elaine May and A New Leaf (1971) for its 50th anniversary | June 2021
Just Another Menace Sunday | discussing Liz Phair and my essay about her in Go All The Way: A Literary Appreciation of Power Pop | November 2019
Chris Frantz the Talking Head Show (WPKN) | guest session on Frantz’s monthly radio show, discussing new and notable releases and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | March 2019
BBC Radio 5 | discussing Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham’s departure | April 2018
Radio New Zealand | discussing Tina Weymouth, Talking Heads, and misogyny in music criticism | October 2017