and i would ask for you to consider the fact that your icons were not always icons

The monthly music writing series Words and Guitars had me join them this week, so I wrote new essay on my Moby Dick of a story (for those of you who slept through high school English: we’re talking about the great white whale I will spend my life chasing) for it.

It’s about Buckingham Nicks (1973) and growing up and the special albums that are with you throughout that process. And also, importantly, about remembering that people change and we are all mortal humans — even the icons. Fun stuff!

edit: you can read it here if you hate my dumb voice.


Wrote about some albums I loved a whole lot this year — from Amen Dunes (#11), Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks (#6), Parquet Courts (#5), and Janelle Monae (#3) — for Flood Magazine.

“Best Of” lists are so subjective and ranking/comparing art can be so weird. That said, I do love year-end blurb season. I love reading what stood out to other music fiends in an increasingly cluttered landscape and asking myself to consider what I might have missed or what others thought of those albums I played on repeat. Really stoked to be included alongside some great discourse in this entire list.