Happy Birthday, Stevie Nicks! 8 Reasons Why She Should Be Your Rock & Roll Heroine (Even If You Didn’t Grow Up With Her)

Rock and roll icon Stevie Nicks is having a millennial moment. Most of her discography may have been made before any millennials were born, but there’s no doubt that we’re witnessing a Stevie Nicks pop culture renaissance. The past year has been busy for Nicks: she’s appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone for the first time in 30 years, popped up as a guest mentor on The Voice, released a new record, and reunited with Fleetwood Mac forone of 2014’s highest grossing tours. Not to mention the fact that it’s hard to walk into an Urban Outfitters without seeing her face, whether on a Fleetwood Mac record or a new biography.

Ask your mom who Stevie Nicks is, and she might fill you in on the heyday of rock and roll decadence, her signature twirls, and famous love affairs. (My mom likes to dreamily recount the days of her youth, when she dressed like Nicks in flowing black chiffon and platform boots.) But Nicks is not just an influence for your parents’ generation.

If you’re a millennial woman looking for advice on life, love, work, and everything in between, look no further. Here are eight reasons why Nicks might just be your new (to you, anyway) rock and roll heroine.

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