It is such a privilege to be able to tell someone else’s story.

I am so lucky that I got to do that with this, the first video I story edited and co-produced for Iris. I truly admire Dylan Hundley, and this is just a scratch in the surface of her story. I am so proud of it, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Hi, this is me on BBC Radio 5 live talking about Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham’s departure. They ran out of time, so I spoke for probably less than a minute — and one of the things I said was “whacked out on drugs” like the baby boomer mom that I truly am — and they pronounced my name as “Gorgon” at the end. But it’s all totally fine because they introduced me as a ~music journalist and podcaster~ on ~BBC~ which was kinda cool, I guess.