Weekend Wrap-Up

Another busy weekend in the books. I attended #MillionsMarchNYC for the better part of Saturday, and am truly thankful that I did so. I happened to be in Chelsea as crowds approached and I ended up joining in. This is a movement I believe passionately in, and I had wanted to go, but had resigned to not attending because I had no one to go with, and was cautiously fearful about going to a protest alone. Activism and change come from participation, not just from using a hashtag. The last thing I want to do is be all talk, no do. I was overwhelmed at the turnout; never have I seen so many different types of people brought together by one thing.

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I caught some heat for it from an anonymous source. My rebuttal can be found here. I will gladly engage in open debate and discussion, because I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, I am not receptive to condescending, anonymous messages, as my rebuttal shows.


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