Recently by Carrie Courogen…

While my writing tab stays up-to-date, I realized it had been a bit since last sharing my recently published pieces on the homepage.

In the past month and a half, Bustle expanded my original essay Where Was Hillary Clinton in Her 20s? Where 9 Famous Women Were at 23 into a series about where inspirational, accomplished, famous women were at every year of their 20s. The essay featured personal lady heroes of mine, from Stevie Nicks to Jane Fonda to Nora Ephron, and it seems the thread resonated with many. After another author covered off on a few ages, I’ve written the following in the series:

Where 13 Famous Women Were At 20, The Awkward First Year of One Crazy Decade features a range of women, including Gloria Steinem, Patti Smith, and Meryl Streep, among many more.

Where 13 Inspiring Women Were at 21, The Year When You’re Finally Entitled To a Drink — and Not Much Else takes a look at ladies like Gilda Radner, Diane Sawyer, and Wendy Davis, and reminded me to be more patient in my ambition.

Finally, my last piece in the series: Where 13 Famous Women Were at 24, The Year When The Quarter-Life Crisis is Imminent. It seemed appropriate that I write about women like Arianna Huffington, Carol Burnett, and Eva Chen as I sit on the cusp of 24.

More blog posts are up on Bed Crumbs:
Mother of the Moon: How Stevie Nicks Created a Coven of (Not-So-Famous) Gold Dust Women: In response to a wonderful feature on The Huffington Post, I wrote a sort-of follow-up to my previous essay, Stevie Nicks’s Daughters of the Moon, about the immense influence of Nicks on thousands millennial women that no one really has recognized exists.

Adventures in Online Dating (Part I)… the title speaks for itself.

More writing at Truth & Consequences: We’re still releasing great music from a new singer-songwriter Kalsey Kulyk. You should check it out:
Kalsey Kulyk: With Me December 6, 2014
Kalsey Kulyk: All I Want November 14, 2014
Kalsey Kulyk: Midnight Train
November 8, 2014

Finally, lots of moving and shaking at Will This Go Viral, a new blog I have created with Laurie Sage on behalf of my agency, Hip Genius. We discuss all things social media, entertainment, and internet things. Posts below (and also in the writing tab):
Everyone Hate-Watched #PeterPanLive Last Night December 5, 2014
Think Before You Tweet: When Delete Isn’t Enough November 20, 2014
Nielsen Will Soon Know How Much You Binge Watched Orange is the New Black November 19, 2014
Paper Tries to “Break the Internet” With Kim K.’s Butt
November 12, 2014
Social Media Fail: Zosia Mamet Does Not Rap IRL; It’s Just a Movie November 11, 2014

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