When your writing goes places.


What a crazy, crazy week. I always dreamed of moments like this, moments where my writing first started to really get recognized. But it’s crazy that it’s all starting to come true.

While I got a lot of recognition by peers, professors, and occasionally got a high Google news placement at the Washington Square News or at one of my internships, this time, it’s different. This is the first time something I have written and published it on my own has gotten so much attention, and the first time one of my a freelance articles since graduation reached so many people.

The fact that so many wonderful people of Tumblr liked, reblogged, and commented on my Stevie Nicks’s Daughters of the Moon essay is insane to me. For something posted on an independent platform like Tumblr, I am stunned by how many people have seen it and were touched by it, especially those who reached out to me personally with heartwarming comments. I can’t thank them enough.

What’s crazier is that a personal piece I pitched to Bustle​ — What 9 Powerful Women Were Doing at 23 — has been picked up by both The Huffington Post and now, Teen Vogue. It began as a little personal essay mostly about my many quarter-life crises and looking to Stevie Nicks and “Landslide” as inspiration and evolved into a look at where my other heroines were at my age.

I really didn’t expect either to get the attention they have, but especially that one. I actually thought it was a longshot to pitch because it was just a personal essay that was near and dear to my heart, but I feared others may not relate to. But now it’s out in the universe, and many people are thanking me for reassuring them the way these wonderful ladies I wrote about helped me, and I’m realizing I’m not the only one who feels this way about my 20s.

It’s surreal and wonderful and inspiring. I have to laugh that both of my most popular pieces now to date have been mostly about Stevie Nicks, though. Maybe it’s not my writing at all, but rather some Stevie magic or something. Regardless, I must thank her, and you all, again for everything.

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